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Level 2 Certificate in

Caring for Children & Young People

This qualification provides an opportunity to study a range of topics from three main areas: child care and education, babysitting and parenting responsibilities.

It contains all the units included in the Level 2 Award in Babysitting and the Level 2 Award in Preparation for the Responsibilities of Parenting. Additionally there are units covering learning, development and play. There are no mandatory units - the following is a list of units that learners can choose from:

  • Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people

  • Introductory awareness of sensory loss

  • Importance of play for early learning

  • Using food and nutrition information to plan a healthy diet

  • The value of play to young children

  • Young children's development

  • Craft activities with young children

  • Accident prevention and fire safety when babysitting

  • Caring for young children in a babysitting environment

  • Rights and responsibilities in relation to parenting

  • Parenting and healthy lifestyles

  • Parenting a young baby

  • Respecting and valuing children

  • Children’s play and leisure activities in the community

  • Sharing learning experiences with children

This course does not qualify you to work but does support you in preparing for your 'next steps' either in training or moving towards work.