Working Cafe

Level 1 Certificate in

Digital Skills

Qualification purpose

The purpose of this qualification is to allow learners to demonstrate understanding of, and competency in, digital literacy skills. It will help learners progress to a work role where digital literacy skills are required.


This qualification will provide opportunities to acquire a number of practical skills.


Qualification objectives

The objectives of this qualification are to enable learners to:

  • apply digital skills in personal and business situations

  • understand how to maintain safety and security when using data and devices

  • find and use information

  • use digital resources to facilitate own learning and career progression

  • communicate socially and professionally using technology

  • use word processing software to create straightforward text and documents.

Resource requirements

To achieve the learning outcomes in this qualification, learners will need to have access to the following:

  • a personal computer, laptop, tablet or other digital device

  • access to a file storage medium prescribed by the organisation where in work, or access to a storage medium where a simulated activity is undertaken

  • access to an email account, instant messaging account, online feedback sites, video messaging, forums and social networks

  • web browser software

  • online meeting software

  • online meeting equipment such as webcams and microphones

  • online collaboration software/applications

  • blogging software/applications

  • word processing software/applications

  • printer

  • internet connectivity.