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Level 2 Certificate in

Mental Health First Aid & Advocacy

The purpose of this qualification is to give learners the skills to support colleagues with mental health problems. These skills will be gained by increasing the learner’s knowledge and understanding of mental health conditions and the principles of mental health first aid and how this can be implemented in the workplace.

This qualification is suitable for learners who wish to raise awareness of mental health, creating a culture of care and the promotion of positive mental health. This qualification gives learners the opportunity to understand mental health, its associated care and how this can be applied to learners or colleagues in the workplace.

This qualification aims to:

  • focus on the study of mental health first aid and mental health advocacy in the workplace

  • offer breadth and depth of study of mental health first aid.


The objectives of this qualification are to:

  • introduce and explore different types of mental ill health, and factors that may increase the risk of mental ill health in individuals

  • understand how to support individuals with mental ill health within boundaries of own role

  • explore how to create a mentally healthy environment for individuals in a variety of settings.

Career opportunities

Workers within a wide range of public service roles will interact with those with mental health issues and support needs in their day-to-day work across a number of sectors. This qualification may be useful to learners studying qualifications in the following sector(s)/area(s):

  • customer service

  • housing

  • voluntary sector

  • sport and recreation

  • hospitality

  • travel and tourism.