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Level 2 Certificate in

Understanding Retail Operations

This knowledge-based qualification provides learners with underpinning knowledge and understanding of the different aspects of working in the retail sector. Learners will develop an understanding of a wide range of retail subjects, such as dealing with customers in various contexts, handling cash, stock management and retail law. The optional units give learners the opportunity to undertake learning programmes specific to their interests or aspirations within the retail sector, and allow progression onto higher level qualifications within both generic and specialist areas.

This qualification aims to:

  • provide an introduction to the retail industry to those new to or seeking employment in this area

  • help learners develop an understanding of the different aspects of working in the retail sector

  • prepare learners for progression into a range of higher level qualifications within the retail sector, including more practical qualifications where their knowledge can be put into practice.


The objectives of this qualification are to help learners to develop an understanding of the different aspects of the retail industry.

There are no specific recommended prior learning requirements for this qualification. However, learners may find it helpful if they’ve already achieved a Level 1 qualification.

This qualification consists of 6 mandatory units:

  • Unit 01 Understanding customer service in the retail sector

  • Unit 02 Understanding the retail selling process

  • Unit 03 Understanding how individuals and teams contribute to the effectiveness of a retail business

  • Unit 04 Understanding how a retail business maintains health and safety on its premises

  • Unit 05 Understanding retail consumer law

  • Unit 06 Understand how to deal with customer queries and complaints in a retail environment


and 12 optional units:

  • Unit 07 Understanding security and loss prevention in a retail business

  • Unit 08 Understanding the handling of customer payments in a retail business

  • Unit 09 Understanding the control, receipt and storage of stock in a retail business

  • Unit 10 Understanding visual merchandising for retail business

  • Unit 11 Understanding how the effectiveness of store operations can be improved

  • Unit 12 The principles of food safety for retail

  • Unit 13 Understanding environmental sustainability in the retail sector

  • Unit 14 Understanding the fashion retail market

  • Unit 15 Understanding how to manage stock for customer orders in business to business services

  • Unit 16 Understanding the storage, monitoring and replenishment of fresh produce in a retail outlet

  • Unit 17 Underage sales prevention for retail and licensed premises

  • Unit 18 Understanding how stocks of newspapers and magazines are controlled in retail outlets