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Level 2 Certificate in

Safeguarding & Prevent

The purpose of this qualification is to increase the learner’s knowledge and awareness of the Prevent Duty and safeguarding, including online safety. By completing the qualification, learners will develop knowledge of safeguarding in an environment where they
have a duty of care.

To achieve this qualification, learners are required to successfully complete all 3 mandatory units.

1. Understanding the Prevent Duty

In this unit learners will look at the Prevent Duty, understanding why it exists and what their roles and responsibilities are in relation to it. They’ll understand the terms ‘radicalisation’, ‘extremism’ and ‘terrorism’, and how to reduce the risk of radicalisation.

2. Understanding safeguarding

In this unit learners will understand the term ‘safeguarding’, identify national policies and local systems that relate to safeguarding, know how to recognise signs of abuse or potential harm and know how to respond if abuse or harm is disclosed, suspected or alleged.

3. Understanding online safety

The aim of this unit is to understand the potential consequences of inappropriate or illegal online activity, how to reduce the risks posed online, and how to spot signs and behavioural changes that could cause concern.

This qualification may support progression toward the role of Designated Safeguarding Lead, or further study.